Don’t worry be happy!

worryI’m not suggesting you never worry.  I couldn’t ask you or tell you to do something that I am not capable of.  Someday I will not worry as much as I currently do because I worry less than I used to.  Once in awhile worry creeps in and I figure out how to move through it.

This past Saturday worry came to visit for a bit.  A gentleman, that I happen to be quite fond of, was coming home from Europe.  He sent a text when he landed in the county and before his local flight took off.  I didn’t hear anything that night but I assumed that he was exhausted from the trip and would let me know later.  Saturday morning I was no longer feeling peaceful about it.  I wondered if his flight made it or had crashed.  I wondered if he knew I cared about him as much as I do.

Here’s some background information.  I care for him deeply and appreciate his kind and respectful treatment of me.  We are getting to know each other and really taking our time.  I find I like him more and more each day.  There are things that I love about him.  I’ve always rushed into relationships.  We are going slow.  I do think there is a wonderful potential for us as a couple and I look forward to discovering what happens.  If I am completely honest, I hope that something happens between us.  We have the potential to do quite well together.  If the way we dance together is an indication of how we would relate to each other in a relationship, we will do very well.

As I lay in bed Saturday morning I wonder if something happened to his plane.  I wondered how I would find out if something went wrong.  I even got to a point where I cried.  I cried because, “What if…?”  There were quite a few what ifs.

Then I decided to pray about it instead of laying there worried.  I prayed for peace.  I prayed for acceptance of the situation if his plane crashed.  Then I decided to trust God and trust that all was well.  I know that God loves and cares for him so much more than I ever could (yes, even if I did love him with all of my heart).  I know that God loves all of his children.  I knew that if something had happened it would be for the best for him and part of his plan.  Then I asked Him to give me comfort and to watch over me until my worry past.  In that moment a wave of peace came over me.  I knew that all was well.  That doesn’t mean that I knew that my friend was alive or not.  I just knew that everything was okay the way it was.

After my prayer I sent another text.  I let him know the events from the night before.  I got a text back a little while later.  I was glad and grateful.

It would be easy to say I worried for nothing.  That wouldn’t be true.  My moment of worry showed me how much I care for this person, and, more importantly, gave me an opportunity to exercise my faith and trust God.

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