Tough times are good

Alright, that might sound crazy.  I believe it is true.

I have so many girlfriends who are going through so many different trials right now.  I just want to encircle them in my arms and make their troubles disappear.  Part of me wishes that I could do this for them.  The wise part of me knows that it is better that I can’t.

I know, based on experience, that my toughest trials are my greatest blessings.  That seems wrong to many people.  I know that each trial helps me grow in ways that aren’t possible otherwise.

A few nights ago I asked a girlfriend to go to dinner with me.  We had talked about getting together for ages and just hadn’t managed to do it.  She shared some personal struggles she is currently dealing with.  I know one well, very well.  I shared with her how I struggled with the same issue.  I told her what I learned from it.  I shared how it was a blessing for me.  She pointed out that the blessing I had wasn’t going to be hers because she is different.  She is right.  Her blessing will be different because she isn’t the same as me.  I let her know that it is her job to figure out what her blessing is.  It will take time to gain that perspective.  It will come.

I know that God uses our struggles to strengthen and help us grow.  I know that.  It is up to each of us to figure out what the blessing is.  We will see it if we just open our eyes and look for it.