Welcome to Happiness Begins With Me

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a couple of years.  This morning I saw a post by a dear friend.  She expressed her frustration with some health issues she is currently having.  I wished I could hug her but I live to far away.  I did send her a message and gave her a virtual hug and shared some experiences I have had and the perspective I have gained.

I’ve had the discussions several times over the past few years.  I think that happiness is up to the individual and not the circumstances he or she happens to be in at the time.

I am not saying that frustration, sadness and anger are not appropriate or normal.  I would say they are necessary.  How can a person know happiness if they don’t know sadness?

I’d like to share my thoughts on the subject.  I hope that you’ll share your thoughts and comments too.  I’d love feed back.  Please ask me if you have any questions.